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Many do not think about their name and the energy that's carried with it but a name is quite important in how your life manifests and how others interact with you. That's one reason entertainers use stage names and why everyday folk change their names. A new name gives new life.

As with many things, the first of anything often sets the stage; however, that doesn't mean the last is any less important. Therefore, your result is only one piece of the completed picture as a name is likely to carry more than one letter and a middle and last name have other important things to say about an individual as well.

So look yourself up, friends, co-workers, celebrities, and others, then look for common letters that are in your life. Do you find you have a lot of E named friends? Are your clients J names? Do your teachers or doctors have P names? Does a common occurrence of a letter in your life have anything to say about you and the lessons to learn in life?

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